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You can get your listing to show at the top of the search results by purchasing a Fetured Listing. 

Please use the "+ Add Business" link on the top navigation bar. 
It's a short, simple process.  Make sure to look out for the confirmation email so as to click the confirmation link.

This is a comprehensive list of all the free features when you add or amend your listing:

  1. Your business name
  2. A description field
  3. Inclusion a business category.
  4. the business location/address. 
  5. Your email address
  6. Your web site URL linked to your web site provided.
  7. A contact name for your company
  8. Your hours of operation
  9. A list of possible amenities
  10. Images
  11. Videos
  12. Links to your social networks - Twitter, Facebook etc
  13. A contact phone number
  14. A contact fax number

No, many companies choose not to have their company’s registered address included on their website but it is best practice to include a contact address on your website so that consumers can contact you if they have an issue or want to provide you with a notice. There are however many instances where it is required to include your ACN and your registered business address, for more details have a look the Australian Law for eCommerce.

ONLY If you have actual premises in multiple locations, may you create a new listing for each location.  You must qualify the extra business name by appending the suburb location and it needs to be supported by your website showing the multiple locations.

Yes! But always check twice that the link is not broken as we will check link periodically and erase those not working.

Yes. We will not charge you a cent. Unless you purchase a featured listing.

Use the "Report" button on the detail view of the business page. This is a free service and a short, simple process but you need to provide information to let us know what issue you are reporting.

It will take up to 3 business days for us to review the listing and verify that it is incorrect and either change it or remove it.

Most probably, we have removed/amended the listing from our site if requested, however we have no control over the results that come up from searches on Google and other search engines. Google and other search engines save their data from websites and only update these every fortnight or so. There are many ways to remove URLs from Google, but there’s no one size fits all approach. It all depends on your circumstances that's why we can't list a detailed process here to help our users.

Copy the link to the particular video and paste it in the YouTube field of the Social Networks section. You'll find the link to copy beneath the video on YouTube when you click on the 'Share' button. You need to log in to update your Listing using your access key to get to the Social Networks section.

Please Note: if you supply the link to your YouTube profile we cannot embed a specific video.

One person registered on the directory and created an entry for the business. We don't collect third party data or public data found on Internet. 

We're proud to use Address Finder Australia to autocomplete our customer's business address on our directory. If for any reason you're not finding your address please contact us an explain the situation. We use a couple of variables to ensure the address filter allow us to display and collect accurate information so nobody can list a directory on a fake location.

As a part of the service provided, we use the Google Map API to display a Map for each entry and a form with the "how to get there" to help users to create dynamically a route from their location.

These are the amenities you can add to your listing:

24-hour security
Bike racks
Breakfast and Dinner
Car Parking
Child daycare
Click And Collect
Conference facilities
Contact Less
Currency Exchange
Disabled Access
Drive And Collect
Face Mask Required
Fitness Center
Free Wifi
Gaming Corner
Mobile App
Online Appointments
Outdoor space
Pet Friendly
Swimming Pool
Take Away
Welcome Unvaccinated